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Europe Online - DSL Broadband Internet via Satellite
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e-DSL via satellie

 Broadband Surfing and Downloads via Satellite

  Everywhere in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East & Caucasus

EOL FastSurf at 768/Kbs and Download up to 2 MB
The Fastest Surfing
at up to 768 Kbits/s >>
The Best Downloads,
DVD’s, MP3’s, Games >>
The Biggest Choice from
EOL’s DSL Digital Library >>
E-DSL Via Satellite

 E-DSL Classic

E-DSL Classic

E-DSL Service for 1 year.
Fastsurf: 500 MB p.m.

E-DSL Via Satellite

 E-DSL Starter Pack

E-DSL + DVB Card

Get the service for 3 months plus a high quality card

E-DSL Via Satellite


E-DSL + DVB Card

Get the service for a whole year plus a high quality card

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Europe Online granted High-Speed Internet via Satellite European Patent
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