Europe Online - DSL Broadband Internet via Satellite

Europe Online - DSL Broadband Internet via Satellite
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Satellite Broadband like you've never experienced it before!
Europe Online E-DSL Service

189 €  per year*

Subscribe to the E-DSL Service offer and receive:
  • 1 year Europe Online E-DSL Service

  • E-DSL Service
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    Europe Online E-DSL Service
    One year of the Europe Online E-DSL Service includes :
    • 500 MB of EOL FastSurf at speeds up to 512 Kbit/s every month !
    • 1 GB of downloads from the Internet every month with File Fetch, plus 1000's of free selected softwares, films, MP3's & games at 2 Mbit/s speed - Guaranteed !
    • Music television, Sport, Film, Adult, Eurotip. 512 Kbit/s speed - Unlimited Access!
    • Unlimited access to our DSL Digital Library, our Interactive MediaThek and our
      E-Lert service
    • 1 free film every month & much more.

    Minimum Requirements
    Check the requirements for your DVB card, satellite dish, PC, software and Internet connection on the following page : Technical Info .

      * Offer with a 12 months minimum susbcription period.

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