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Press Releases

Europe Online "goes to the races" with 20,- Euros Betting Money free on Eurotip.TV for all subscribers to Europe Online and EOL Skybooster DSL-Speed Surfing powered by Plenexis

Luxembourg, 28th august 2002

Betzdorf/Munich . 27 August: Whether it is placing "just-in-time" bets on the EuroTip live sports-racing stream or surfing the web at DSL-Speed, Europe Online members can go to the races, confident of success.

This month, to highlight their exclusive arrangement with Eurotip.TV the live betting sports and racing channel - Europe Online and Eurotip.TV are offering 20,- Euros Betting Money free to all Europe Online Members who are registered by 15th September. The Eurotip.TV digital quality stream is available live from 2 p.m. to midnight on the Europe Online Broadband Internet via Satellite service throughout Europe. The service is available in English and German and will soon be available in Italian and French.

To ensure that bets are placed as speedily as possible , Europe Online recommends its users to sign up for the EOL/Plenexis Skybooster DSL-Speed Satellite Surfing service at just 9,90 Euros a month.

For more information, please contact :

Europe Online Investments S.A. EUROTIP A.G.
Candace Johnson Willi Zwingmann
Tel. +352 719 785 1 Tel. +49 89 42 03 61 09
E-Mail: E-Mail:
Plenexis GmbH
Knut Floeter
Tel. +49-228-519-1037

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